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We are collective of individuals looking to optimise everyday performances. We provide world class coaches to help personalise your journey in every detail to guarantee success.  Understanding and implementing a holistic approach to your lifestyle is critical to long term success, which is why we provide metric driven and the latest scientific backed training principles. With over 15 years in this industry we know its easy to cut corners, skip workouts, become de-motivated and lose progress which is  why we created Wanderlust Fit, a strong community of like-minded individuals looking to enhance their lifestyle and become a stronger, leaner & healthier human being in a FUN & engaging way.

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We help:

  • People who want to workout efficiently and transform training into a sustainable lifestyle

  • If you are looking for more balance, de-stress, rebuild strength and have more daily energy

  • If you are someone that needs a supportive community to motivate you when you need it most

  • If you are not 100% in the best way in building muscle mass and dropping stubborn bodyfat 

  • If you are training hard but not seeing the results you expected


Learn from an Olympic Coach 

Phil has always been fascinated in finding ways to get the best out of people.​​

When it comes to working with clients, Phil applies scientific principles to training and nutrition has guided 100's of clients towards successful and sustainable results. 

'Training with Phil was my first time stepping into a gym and the ocean. With his specifically tailored programs and his amazing approach, I managed to progress quickly and hit the goals that we have set together. Most importantly, he made it easy for me to enjoy and love the journey to become the strongest that I have ever been'


—  Irene W

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