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Online Personal Training - Surf Fitness Retreats

At Wanderlust Fit, we are extremely passionate about optimising health. We do this by creating a friendly training environment in paradise. Helping you build the foundations to get stronger, move well and look good.  One step at a time, we guide you every step of the way optimising daily habits to enhance your energy and body transformation progress. Our online training programming allow you to get stronger, healthier and learn new skills anywhere in the world.

What Our Clients Say


Online Personal Training


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Surf Fit Retreats


Irene W, Bali SurfFIT Retreat (May, 2022)

"Loved every bit of it, I had an amazing fun time and gain new experience from the retreat. The programs were designed with a perfect balance of surfing, fitness, relaxation and socials. I can't wait to join the next one and I highly recommend this to everyone!"

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