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Phil McCoy

BSc, MSc Physiologist

From a young age, Phil has had a passion for sport, which eventually saw him representing Team GB in Sailing. While he was competing, he started to develop a keen interest in health, physiology and human performance.

He offers a variety of online personal training packages that are tailored to individual goals. He believes fitness is a journey in discovering what you are capable of and making it a lifestyle wherever you are...



Elise Lim,

Personal Trainer

With an extensive background in sports performance, I realised that I love planning programs and getting creative with the different type of trainings. I help clients reach their goals, while having fun and enjoying their programme! I am passionate about helping people gain confidence and become a better version of themselves on their health and fitness journeys. 


I can help with:

- sports performance 

- toning up & improving muscle mass 

- improving physical strength 

- sustainable fat loss 

- goal setting & daily well-being habits 

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